EQ7 Tutorials

Making a Custom Library and Notecards
posted 9-10-16
Adding Fabric Scans to Libraries
posted 3-10-17

posted 7-2-16

posted 8-9-16

posted 3-9-16

posted 5-10-16

posted 9-8-15
Use snapping options while drawing applique, clone, flip, rotate, import and trace an image.

posted 2-10-16
posted 8-5-15
posted 2-27-15
Create "in the round"

posted 4-16-14Get Inspired by some great bloggers
Colorized, Black/White, and Sepia Photos
posted 4-16-14
Import, resize, colorize, create black & white and sepia images, print from photo layout
posted 4-13-14
Import , resize, create color accents, change hues, print from photo layout

posted  11-19-13
Import an image for tracing
posted 11-18-13
Options for exporting images, how to manipulate in MSWord

posted 10-25-13
Guides, ellipse, applique text and set auto borders tools
posted 10-14-13
Ellipse, set auto borders, set applique text, 
make a symmetrical shape using snap options
posted 9-27-13
Trick from the User Manual page 122 

posted 5/3/13
Tips and tricks for the Brush Stroke Tool
posted 4/26/13
Print reversed templates for fusible applique

posted on 4/23/13
Nodes, import parts of other blocks, "fake" draw an overlapping brushstroke, guides
posted on 4/22/13
Guides to form perfect petals