Wednesday, July 11, 2012

While the Cats Away….

This little mouse will play, play, play!!! Poo to working on unpacking and organizing the house. I found more fun things to do today. Hahaha. I quilted and bound two little quilt tops that I already had to donate to a locate church festival.

Then it hit me….The new house doesn’t have any railings to hang my finished quilts on for photos. BUMMER!! I guess I’ll have be a weirdo and go make friends with a neighbor that has a fence.

If you promise not to look too close I’ll share the backs.

Here is the back of the purple quilt where I practiced some loopy meandering with variegated thread.

Here is the back of the blue quilt where I practiced some square corner meandering with variegated thread.

Hope everyone is having a fun and crafty week so far. If not, it’s time to go goof off!


Judy said...

Your meanderings are beautiful!

Lynne said...

So much more fun than sorting!