Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Give Away Winner


The winner for the Blue Line Eraser give away is Cindy P.

A big THANK YOU to Sky from Blue Line Eraser for the give away!!!

Be sure to visit her shop at http://www.bluelineeraser.com/

I’ll be in touch shortly….

Paper Piecing - Curves and Saving Fabric


Saving Fabric and Your Sanity While Paper Piecing

Here are some tips to make paper piecing all those triangles on a curve easier while saving fabric too.

Print an extra copy of the paper piecing template and cut it apart on the seam lines.


IMPORTANT STEP - Place your template pieces on the BACK of your fabric with the template’s print facing up so you can read it. You will be able to arrange them neatly to save fabric.


Cut the fabric a half inch bigger than the template pieces on all sides.Keep the templates with the fabric until you are ready to sew them so you don’t mix them up.


Keep the fabric and templates together in order that you will sew them.


Paper piece as you normally would following the printed template.


The pieces will line up nicely and trimming the seams will be quick and easy.



Paper Piecing Curves

Fold the outward facing curve, convex curve, in half and mark the center. Fold again and mark the quarters. Do the same for the inward facing curve, concave curve, of the piece it will be attaching to.


Pin the center and quarter marks first. Make sure the side edges are even all the way down before pinning them.

correct edge

wrong edge

Fill in any additional pins as needed. There will be a lot of fabric pulled up.


Set the machine back to a regular stitch length and sew SLOWLY. Sink the needle and straighten the fabric as needed. Don’t pull on the fabric or you will stretch the bias edges. Sew close to the pins but don’t sew over them!

When finished, press the seam out towards the top of the block.


Repeat these steps until all the sections/rows of the block are sewn together.

Hope you learned a new trick or two!

By the Bay Mystery Quilt Along Month #2

Sorry this is being posted a little late. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our sewing fun.


It’s month #2 and the sun is rising over the hills. It’s going to be a sunny, fun day!

This month our row will contain two 4-patch blocks and a paper pieced sun.

  • Month one instructions will be a free PDF download in my Craftsy shop until December 15th.
  • You will need an active Craftsy account and a PDF reader like the free Adobe Reader.
  • Missed rows will be available for purchase when the new row is posted.

Click here - By the Bay PDF month #2 instruction sheet

by the bay quilt 2

finished size 54” x 60”
Quilt contains paper piecing and fusible appliqué blocks.