Saturday, July 7, 2012

Guess Where I WasToday?

In the land of the Lorax?….No
On some strange and distant planet?….No
In a punk rock wig making salon?….No
At a fabulous tropical get away?….Sadly, no
Lost in the desert?….No
Did you guess that I was at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens today?
The gardens are fabulous. If you’re ever in town don’t miss it.
Aren’t these barrel cactus just the cutest little things!


Lynne said...

Interesting! I'm not really into succulents and cacti but those were fun photos.

Troublet said...

LOL! I was in the San Antonio area about a week and a half ago. I saw the tree in your post and said to myself "That looks familiar!" :)

I did see an aloe plant that was easily 7 feet tall. My husband wouldn't let me go up to the owner's door to ask if I could get a picture of it. It was enormous!