Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Stash Bee Blocks and Randomness

I haven’t posted in forever but I’m still here. We’re slowly getting the house unpacked and settled. It’s incredible how much crap I’ve managed to stash away and haul all the way to Texas with me. hahaha.
I did manage to get some of my sewing room set up and my June Stash Bee blocks finished….just a little late. You can find the tutorial for the Friendship Hexagon block on the Don’t Call Me Betsy blog.

Oh!!! Today I found a shop on the north side of San Antonio called the Cat’s Meow Quilt Shop. She rents time on a Gammill longarm. I’m in heaven!!!
In other randomness…We had several scorpions and a very big camel spider get inside last week. So many crawly things here that I’m not used to yet.
Here is a view from my back door... and what a fabulous view it is.
Check out these bad boys…nasty and sharp! They are the only thing that seems to like growing in the yard at the moment.
More to come as I get my sewing room up and running……


beaquilter said...

what neat blocks, such different looks for the same block and in almost the same fabrics! awesome

Lynne said...

Glad to see you in print! I am almost envious of your wide open vista!

Judy said...

Hi Carol, glad your back!

The bottom pic looks like what we had in S.C. And we called them sand spurs and they grew everywhere!

Carol said...

We have all sand and they love it so I would have to agree that's what they are.