Monday, April 18, 2011

Two New Toys

I recently got two new toys for my sewing room.

Toy #1 - A light box

This gets a thumbs up!

I got my box from Hayneedle . They custom make your box for you. You get to pick the size box you want, the type bulb you want (color correct or daylight) and the number of bulbs.

Mine has 1 daylight bulb in it and works perfectly for tracing drawings onto Steam-A-Seam fusible web. The box is sturdy and has a little kick-stand so you can use it flat or at a slight angle. It does unscrew so you could change out the plexiglass for real glass if you wanted to. I kept the shipping box so I can safely store it without scratching the plexiglass.

I can't believe I didn't get one of these sooner. It makes everything so much faster to do.

Here is a sneak peek of an upcoming quilt I'm working on. Can you guess what it will be?

I still have my giant light box (the sliding glass doors and blue painter's tape) for my larger projects. It does limit when I get to work though.
Another sneak peek. Know what it is yet?

Toy #2 - An extension table for my machine

This gets a thumbs up!
My table came from AllBrands(dot)com . You pick the size table you want, tell them your machine model and they will custom make a table for you. Mine arrived in about 3 weeks -- not bad.

It's a nice sturdy plexiglass and fits my old machine like a glove. It has adjustable feet to help level it to the machine bed. The feet are also removable for storage purposes.They also offer a carry/storage case to keep your table in so be sure to check that out while you are there.

I purhased the 24 x 24 inch size. I wouldn't get anything smaller than this for machine quilting.

I still need to give it a swipe with some car wax to make the fabric glide easier. I wiped it down with wax paper but that didn't quite due the trick to my liking.

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