Sunday, April 10, 2016

EQ7 Photo Fun

I’ve mentioned how wonderful the printable fabrics from Electric Quilt are for making labels BUT do you want to have some more fun with them?

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (8)

Do you make memory quilts or art quilts? Did you know that EQ7 has a great photo editing worktable? Here’s a few fun things you can do with your photos.

                              This is my starting photo…

Bahamas Jan 2011 088
Colorize it for a funky, fun memory quilt


Click IMAGE>COLOR>COLORIZE. In the dialog box slide the hue bar back and forth. When you get a color you like click ADD TO SKETCHBOOK. That’s all there is to it! 


Create black & white or sepia images for a traditional memory quilt


For a black and white image drop the saturation all the way down to remove the color from the photo.

For a sepia image select the hue range you want to use. Then drop the saturation until it’s to your liking. EASY PEEZY!

Create a one color focus
This technique works really well if you start with an image that isn’t too busy and has good color contrast between the main subject and the background. You may need to crop it a little for best results.

“Before” and “after” with a little cropping…

Here’s an “after” photo with the focus on the red.

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (3)

Color Accents – See Color Accents in EQ Help

Click IMAGE>COLOR>COLOR ACCENT. In the dialog box click the Eyedropper then click the color in the LEFT photo that you want to focus on. Slide the HUE RANGE ARROW until the rest of the image is almost grayscale. Use PREVIEW until it’s to your liking then click ADD TO SKETCHBOOK.

hue slider 

How about altering that single focal color

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (1)

ColorizeSee User Manual page 212
Click IMAGE>COLOR>HUE/SATURATION/LIGHTNESS. Slide the HUE to change the focal coloration. You can also adjust the saturation of the color.When you find something you like click ADD TO SKETCHBOOK.


Fun with Symmetry Tools

My starting photo…

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (5)

Make some fun appliques or design a printable fabric.

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (7)

One of a kind placemats using your images

placemat 2


Symmetry ToolsSee User Manual page 126

Click IMAGES>APPLY SYMMETRIES to open the dialog box. There are several fussy cut shapes  to pick from and you can set a backgrund color.

funthreads designs image play with EQ7 (1)

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Drop by QuiltShop Gal on the 10th of each month. She’ll be celebrating and posting EQ themed fun as well.

Most importantly …Hop over and visit Electric Quilt to join the celebration and enter to win great prizes HERE.


Happy anniversary ♥EQ♥


QuiltShopGal said...

Super fun tool. And I appreciate the reminder about the cool Symmetry tool within EQ7. You've definitely inspired. Thanks for sharing.


Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Great tutorial Carol! Thanks for sharing!