Sunday, August 2, 2015

Made From My Pattern….

Avery made a quilt using my Fascinating pattern. Love, love, love it.


The border additions using the Vulcan and Science Officer Insignia as well as the Vulcan hand greeting are awesome. What a great way to pull it all together.


You can see this quilt and many more in their quilt show titled “Quilt Trek - The Next Generation”. Isn’t that a great quilt show theme!!! Avery said the theme was picked to encourage everyone to seek out and go places they’ve never been before with their quilting. They’re looking forward to entries that are out of this world.

If you’re in the area….

Show information:
Raintree Quilter’s Guild
September 19 -20
The Vanderburgh 4-H Center Auditorium
Evansville Indiana


Thanks for sharing!

Designers ♥LOVE♥ to see what people make with their patterns.

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Avery Hancock said...

Thanks for the plug for our upcoming quilt show. We hope to get a lot of UFO's out of dry dock and on display.. If you should be in Evensville Indiana September 19th or 20th, please beam down and join us.