Monday, April 13, 2015

Meet a Quilter and a Give Away

meet a quilter

Isn’t this the cutest little hexie thread catcher you ever saw?!? You need one, your secret sister needs one, everyone in your sewing bee needs one…


And it folds flat for travel!

photo 1

  Welcome to our first meet a quilter get together. Let me introduce you to Linda, the creator of that cute hexie thread catcher...

Hi, my name is Linda and I blog over at UggaBear Cottage. I am a “50-something” early retiree…wife to the love of my life…mother to the joy of my life.

As far back as I can remember I have wanted to sew…which is quite unusual since my mother and grandmother never sewed; and I am the only member of the family (other than a great aunt) who has ever owned a sewing machine.

When I was around 7 years old my parents bought me a “toy” Singer sewing machine. It really “worked” and I spent the summer bumming rags from my mother to turn into little drawstring pouches. I made pouches to carry my jacks, marbles, bottle caps, baseball cards and Barbie shoes! At around age 13 I took my first sewing class. However, not having a sewing machine, I couldn’t use my skills. I continued to beg my parents for a sewing machine over the next few years, but they weren’t sure I was really going to use it. After all, teenagers can be very fickle!

For my 21st birthday my parents surprised me with my first “real” sewing machine. Over the ensuing years I sewed clothing for myself and even made one or two handmade gifts. However, I had never heard of , or even seen, a handmade quilt! Unbelievable!

AH Front

In 1991 my boss’s wife introduced me to quilting. It was love at first stitch! My first quilt was a Trip Around the World, followed closely by a red, white and blue pinwheel quilt for my then 3 year old son. My mentor hand quilted all of her projects, but I took the quicker “tied” route. Life as a young wife and mother was hectic and my sewing machine was packed away…brought out only for mending and home decorating. I didn’t have time to pursue my love of quilting.

Then, in 2010-2011 I shut down my business. Afraid I would be bored out of my mind, my husband suggested I get back into quilting.  So, my dear, sweet hubby bought me a new sewing machine. For Christmas he and my son emptied out my old home office and turned it into a sewing room. The rest(as they say) is history, LOL.


Over the past few years my “style” has changed considerably. Originally, I was drawn to all things “shabby chic”…without the “shabby” part, LOL. I love pastels. Now I find myself drawn to bright, “happy” colors and quilts. Maybe that is because quilting is my sanity and these colors better express the joy and “normalcy” creating brings to my life.

The majority of quilts I have created since my retirement (usually one a year) have been “theme” quilts, designed expressly to represent the likes and personality of the recipient. With the last quilt in 2014 I even dipped my toes into FMQ! SO MUCH FUN!

Over the next few years I will more than likely “gift” every member of my immediate family with a “theme” quilt. Once all of my loved ones can wrap themselves in MY love, I hope to send warmth and love to those in need.


Much of my other sewing has been borne out of necessity. I needed something to contain my threads while sewing hexies and my Collapsible Craft Container was born. I needed something to corral my EPP supplies while on car rides and my Travel EPP Kit was born (this pattern is still in development).


UPDATE: The EPP Travel Kit pattern is now available. See her post here.

P.S. Carol asked me to include a “fun fact” about myself…

In high school I played the harp in the school orchestra, and had to sit on two telephone books wrapped in contact paper because I was too short to reach the strings! Thank goodness I can reach my sewing machine!!!


♥THANK YOU Linda for sharing with us today!
I hope everyone enjoyed meeting a fellow quilter as much as I did!
Be sure to hop over to
UggaBear Cottage and see what else she’
s up to.

Give Away

Linda is graciously giving away one of her hexie thread catcher patterns. You can also purchase the pattern in her Craftsy shop  (US only) or shop (international and US sales).

1. Leave a comment to enter.
2. One winner drawn at random on Friday, April 17th.
3. Pattern will be emailed as a PDF file.



Calicojoan said...

What a great family to clear out a room and get you on your way. It's funny how our tastes change over the years. I've gone from darks, to mediums, (begrudgingly) to wild and wacky brights! LOL!! Quilting is just the best as you clearly showed!

Calicojoan said...

What a great family to clear out a room and get you on your way. It's funny how our tastes change over the years. I've gone from darks, to mediums, (begrudgingly) to wild and wacky brights! LOL!! Quilting is just the best as you clearly showed!

Judy Cooper Textile Images said...

Nice to meet you. Visiting from the eastern part of Canada. Love your projects. That hexi thread catcher is neat! Thanks for the giveaway.

Kathy E. said...

Great story! I am sure glad Linda kept bugging her parents for a REAL sewing machine and finally got one for her 21st birthday! I've had my own machine since I was 14 and have always loved to sew. As soon as I saw the Hexi Thread Catcher, I knew I wanted and needed one!

minibea12 said...

What a great thread catcher! Enjoyed visiting your blog!

Ellee said...

Your hexie thread catcher is quite clever. I would be honored to own one of your originals and would happily put it to good use. -- soparkaveataoldotcom

MaryBeth Little said...

What a cute thread catcher. Thanks for the giveaway.

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful cute pattern. It also looks fun to make! Your story is interesting. Sometimes unlikely folks will introduce us to quilting. Great pattern! Shelley W.

Jusmom1 said...

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments! I want to extend an extra-special "Thank YOU!" to Carol for allowing me to be her first guest quilter!

Yup, quilters are the BEST! So thankful to consider myself part of this wonderful community!


Wendi said...

That is the most adorable thread catcher. Love it!

RosieGma said...

Oh what a cute thread catcher and it folds flat for space saving. Thank you for the giveaway...

Anonymous said...

I love your hexie thread catcher. How cute! I also enjoyed reading your story. Thanks for sharing! Cynthia Knapp

Maureeneh said...

What a cute thread catcher! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern.

apple blossom said...

adorable thread catcher. thanks for the chance to win a pattern to make it.

Allison CB said...

I love the little hexie holder idea - very cute!!!

OhioLori said...

What an AWESOME lil' Thread Catcher!! Such a clever idea! I LOOOVE Hexie's... I would love to make one of these!