Saturday, February 14, 2015

Bonnie Hunter is in Town

Today Bonnie Hunter was visiting the Greater San Antonio Quilt Guild. She was a lot of fun and her quilts were just awesome to see in person.

Several of my sewing bee friends took the afternoon workshop and of course we had a giggling good time as usual. We worked on Scrap Crystals from Bonnie’s More Adventures with Leaders and Enders book. That’s the project behind us.

bonnie hunter workshop 1

The itty bitty piecing was a bit outside my comfort zone but I plugged along….

bonnie hunter 4

and plugged along….

bonnie hunter workshop2

and proudly finished a block.Woot!

bonnie hunter workshop 3

If you ever get the chance to take a workshop with Bonnie Hunter don’t miss it.


1 comment:

beaquilter said...

fun to see, I do want to meet Bonnie one day, I think she's maybe 1.5hr from me in NC....