Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Snippets

Wishing EVERYONE a very Happy Holiday no matter which holiday you are celebrating.

Here’s a snippet from my weekend…

A Bumble cookie!!! He’s just TOO CUTE to eat. He was part of my Christmas/Birthday cookie basket from Corsoscookies.com

photo 2

One of our new holiday traditions now that we are in San Antonio is breakfast at the Guenther House….YUM…

weekend (5)

and a stop to see their giant gingerbread house. It’s a replica of the actual Guenther House, pictured above, made out of 100 pounds of candy. It took 200 hours to build. This year’s builder was Shirley Odgen.

photo 3

As always, when you peek in the gingerbread house window for the room you are standing in while viewing the gingerbread house you will see a little gingerbread house inside the gingerbread house. LOVE it.

weekend (2)

So many details to see you almost feel like a peeping tom. LOL.

weekend (3)

Outside there was a run away bride. Hmmm, wonder if that really happened to somebody she knew or was it just her favorite movie.

weekend (1)

Santa had some landing help from his little elf for that picture perfect stop on the roof top.

weekend (4)

Then we stumbled on to this at a local store that I won’t mention the name of. I have to shake my head and frown at the designer, marketer, store’s supply purchasing agent, store, and anyone who buys this stuff. No wonder kids need therapists this days. Just sayin.

photo 1

What fun things have you been up to?

I’d love to hear about your holiday adventures.

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Lynne said...

Sounds like you're having fun. We had Christmas with all the trimmings with my mum, brother and family, uncle and aunt, DD and the Grandkids at our house last Saturday. Then we went to WM's extended family's gathering on Sunday. Now I'm in Woolgoolga with DD's family, WM will join me tonight after a nine hour train trip after an eight hour working day. Tomorrow, Christmas Day, we will spend with our DD and her family at her in-law's place. We go home on Sunday and WM returns to work on Monday -- I get some time in the sewing room which has been used to store all those "what do we do with this while we have guests staying?" Things! But at least I'll soon be ready to sew again! Merry Christmas to you and yours!