Saturday, May 11, 2013

Help! Ideas Needed….

Organizing idea needed!


I now have 4 sewing machines. Each machine uses a different bobbin plus I have pre-wound bobbins for embroidery. I also use lots of different types of thread on each machine. My question….

How do you organize your bobbins?

Currently they are grouped by machine but I can’t keep track of what thread is left on them.

Any and all ideas are welcome!


Lynne said...

I keep my bobbins in little zip lock bags labelled on the outside in permanent marker with the thread that's on the bobbins. Since I have only one machine in use and only use Gutermann thread, this means I just put the thread shade number on the bag.

Mhairi said...

The Clover tree is briliant!!! I have bought four of these so far. Two for me and two for mum. I love them and they are so versatile.

beaquilter said...

I have mine in a craft box with little compartments, BUT just order a Nancy Zieman stacking thingy for bobbins- 3 of them, should get them Tuesday, then I'll blog about it- Yeah the clover tree- just read that