Sunday, January 6, 2013

Puzzle Quilt #2

I probably stared at this Puzzle Bag of scrap fabric for a longer period of time than it actually took to make the quilt. LOL. I was stumped on how to turn that ugly farm fabric and mismatched blocks in to a quick quilt for a child.

In the Bag

Then it hit me! Ground and sky! Do you see it?


If you have ground, sky and farm fabric…you guessed it…I needed an animal. So I appliqued a horse on top of the quilt.

The ladies gardening along the fence at the bottom was the border cut from the tan flower fabric. The rest of the tan flower fabric is used as backing.

Not too shabby. Some little kid will enjoy the animals. So, another charity quilt top finished and 2 more to go.


37 x 48 inches

After looking at it for a while I decided to add a barn on the horizon.


Have a Fun Day!! Include Something Crafty or Creative!!

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Lynne said...

What a great solution. Your creativity always makes me smile!