Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Out of the Closet and Other Random Things

OK, I’m coming out of the sewing closet…

Have I ever mentioned my one truly strange obsession? I adore collecting food fabrics. It all started a few years back when I spotted my first batch of Kyle’s Market Place at a quilt show.

My diet isn’t too picky. There are fruits and vegetables…


As well as the junk food and candy…


One of our local quilt shops recently went out of business. This is what I scored! Need it? Of course not. But had to have it!


In other randomness…Am I the last person on the planet to realize that Hancock’s of Paducah prints a fabric catalog??? How on earth did I miss this one?


Fabulous way to browse fabric!IMG_2665

Look what I spotted…Cheez-It crackers!! I could live on iced tea and Cheez-It crackers!!





Regina said...

The food fabrics are such fun - I have a few but not so many. I collect turtle fabrics - both those with turtles on them, and those that would make good shell fabrics.

Lynne said...

I collect bright colours mostly -- but since my stash is quite small it would be hard to tell

My yarn collection includes some of the nastiest fibres known to man! People give me their "cast offs" because they know I knit for "charity"!