Friday, August 3, 2012

UFO Closet Countdown…

closet button

Here are the finishes for today….

#13 – Good Night Moon
Quilted, bound and labeled

#12 – Fascinating (Requilted)
ound and labeled

I took apart my first Fascinating (Mr. Spock) quilt that was hand tied and machine quilted it. For no real reason other than I could so I did. Now it’s finished again. IMG_1880

#11 – I’m a Weiner
Quilted and bound

This is a donation quilt for the Quilt For Kids organizationIMG_1878


The pile is slooowly Shrinking


Carrie P. said...

good for you. what an great idea. You have them so close to being finished. Many of my UFOs are no where close.

Lynne said...

The dog is so cute! You really are powering along, aren't you?