Friday, July 27, 2012

Future Additions to the Sewing Room

I’m feeling thrifty this weekend so I’m going to paint this country desk white for my sewing room. It needs a more modern make over.
I also found this old shelf that I’m adding to my sewing room. The finish isn’t in great shape but it’s DEFINITELY old.
I’ve never seen anything like it. It folds up flat. Check this out!
I’m always torn when it comes to antiques. Should I paint it to match the white furniture of the sewing room or just keep it in it’s distressed shape?
What would you do?


Anonymous said...

geez, I just wrote a whole long comment and it disappeared! Anyway, Ive read some posts where fine pieces have been painted and ruined. I paint furniture but not anything antique or very fine. If your not sure ask an antique dealer. I think those shelves are so cool! And if you choose not to paint they will provide a beautiful contrast to white pieces and act as an anchor in your room. Does the piece "talk to you" as is? If so I say leave it:)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I have a piece very similar to your piece. I keep her as I inherited her, old finish, blemishes and all. From what I understand they were made to fold flat so they could be transported easily in a covered wagon! Now maybe that's bunk, but it seems feasible to me. I do love painted furniture, but this one I just let add patina and texture to a room.

Lynne said...

I'm not sure what I would do with it or what I would use it for so I'll be interested to see what you do!

mammafairy said...

I love the fold up shelves. I have a more modern version. I think I would carefully sand down and treat with something like Danish oil, to bring out the grain.

I love your work station too!