Monday, May 7, 2012

Last 24 Hours of Fun in San Antonio

We began the morning with a visit to the Institute of Texan Cultures. This museum was very interesting. I never knew Texas had such a rich and diverse mix of international cultures as part of it’s history.
I did have a “hmmmm” moment in the antique toy exhibit.
Institute of texan culture (1)    Shooting toy for boys
Institute of texan culture (2)Paper dolls for girls

Then it was up to the observation deck in the Tour of the America’s which was built for the World’s Fair of 1968.
tower of the americas (5)
This was a perpendicular awning decoration on the wall of the convention center.  The animals come and go as the clouds pass overhead letting the sun shine through. How fun is that.
convention center (1)
Lunch was a yummy treat from Marble Slab Ice Cream. We are such bad examples. Hahaha. Sorry didn’t pause long enough for a photo. Hahaha.
After our snack lunch we headed off for a road trip to the remaining 4 missions. There were weddings going on at Espada and San Jose. I wonder how far in advance you have to book that? Here’s a peek inside the church at San Jose.
mission san jose (10)
concepcion mission (3)Mission Concepcion
san jose mission (6)Mission San Jose

san juan mission (1)Mission San Juan

espada mission (3)Mission Espada
After dinner we headed over to the River Walk mall to watch the IMAX film Alamo the Price of Freedom. It was a very well done and informative movie.
Does Patrick Swayze have a brother? The guy in the movie could be his twin.
We spotted a dog on a scooter (forgot about this). He was filming a commercial or something for Natural Balance pet food. Hilarious! I’m just excited that my dog plays fetch.
We got lucky. A huge street festival honoring the arts was rained out in March and rescheduled for this evening. So we hopped back over to Hemisfair Park for Luminaria and some visual and performing arts. Here’s a link to last year’s Luminaria video.
We had funnel cake and waited to see the fullest full moon of the year appear in the sky.
Did you see the moon?
Whew, I’m exhausted. I hope you enjoyed spending 48 hours (OK. 51 hours actually) visiting San Antonio with me. I wish I could share all my photos but alas there are just too many.


Mhairi said...

Don Swayze stars in the film. He is the younger brother of Patrick. Good spotting!!

Lynne said...

What a fabulous time but you've left me worrying about where you are going to live!