Thursday, March 29, 2012

Texas Here We Come and Other Stories

Life is a roller coaster. Some days it has lots of little humps with some fun air time. Other days it has large loops that leave you hanging upside down for a while gasping for air. Monday was a really large loop day. Hubby got a promotion which means a move to Texas. Soooo, Texas here we come! What a road trip!

My blogging will be random and off topic at best in the next couple of months. I apologize in advance and promise I’ll have lots of good stuff for you when I get back on track. There is sooo much to do right now and none of it is sewing.


Wow, just look how far I have to drive with a dog that hates to ride in a car.

If you live between Kenedy and San Antonio I’d love to get the scoop on all the fabric shops and sewing groups. Anyone looking for a great children’s sewing instructor? I hear one will be available soon. Hahaha.

To everyone else along the way, are there any sights that I shouldn’t miss on my trip through?

In other stories that make me say Hmmm. Every time I pass Liberty Tax Services there is a person dressed as Lady Liberty dancing the boogie on the corner. The problem is I’ve never seen a female Lady Liberty. Am I the only one that finds a Lady Liberty with a mustache dancing the boogie on the corner disrespectful? Maybe it’s because my grandparents were immigrants and would tell stories of seeing the Statue of Liberty as they entered the harbor at Ellis Island and what it meant to them. I don’t know.…..


Carrie Me! said...

Hope everything is okay...have a very safe trip, and enjoy your time in Texas. :)

Judy said...

Tell hubby I said congrats!!' he has been waiting a long time!! I hope you get the most awesome sewing room in Texas when you get your new house!!!

Cassandra said...

Congratulations to your hubby on his job promotion!!

I feel you on moving with a dog. We're getting ready to move from Phoenix to Seattle with two cats that have never been in the car longer than 20 minutes. ew.

Finally, someone else who notices the weird Lady Liberty! ;) I've seen females but they are usually males. Very weird and distasteful.

Good luck with your move!

TexPat said...

A great big old congrats to your hubby on his promotion! And a big old Texas "Howdy and welcome" to the Lone Star State! Too bad I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area instead of San Antonio! And you're moving in a couple of months? Oh, boy, get ready for your first Texas summer - leave the wool clothes back east. And remember - you'll never have to pack away the summer clothes for the winter - you'll probably need shorts and flip-flops on Christmas Day!!

I hope your move goes smoothly and have a safe trip! We'll be waitin' on ya!

Anonymous said...
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Lynne said...

Wow! That would turn your life upside-down. Wishing you all the best for a stress-free move and may you settle easily into your new town.