Friday, February 24, 2012

Goodnight Moon and More

This is the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival weekend in Hampton, VA. Guess where I’ll be?  So many quilts to see and so many goodies to buy. Lots of photos coming soon.

One goodie added to my stash is the Goodnight Moon quilt kit. I don’t usually go for pre-printed panels but I LOVE this book. It was a gotta have item.IMG_0896

Kit Fabrics

Here is a close up of the pattern. The fabrics and pattern are by Quilting Treasures.

IMG_0897Pattern close up from package

This book was picked for the bedtime story pile every night for years.

IMG_0898The binding finally fell off from over use so we taped it back together and kept on reading. It’s still in my bookcase.


My daughter gave me a more modern version for Christmas this year. It’s called Goodnight ipad. How fitting. Hahaha.IMG_0901

Anybody else going to the quilt show? See you there!

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Jsoosay said...

I made that quilt for our local quilt store and had a couple problems with the pattern. If you run into any problems I'd be happy to let you know how I did it! It turned out absolutely adorable.