Thursday, January 19, 2012

Please Help…

Come play outside the box with me.Want to brainstorm together? I know you do.
As you know, I teach sewing classes for kids ages 8-15. This summer I’m offering another camp week called Project Sew. The students are given a new sewing challenge each day. They have 6 hours to design, shop and make their projects.
Here’s where I need some brainstorming help. I only have 3 ideas so far and need 2 more. Sorry but I can’t share them prior to class. Top secret and all that. But I will share last year’s challenges to get you thinking.
1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Challenge – Make something useful from a pair of jeans
2. Just Hanging Around Challenge – Create a quilted wall art which must include 1 applique, two 3-D items and a piece of ribbon, yarn or trim(not counted as the 3-D element)
3. One Little Word Challenge – Pick one little word then make a pair of pajama bottoms using 3 customizations that represent your word
4. Tie It All Together Challenge – Create a purse/tote and a matching accessory using 3 notions from the given list and a men’s tie
5. Inside Every Girl is a Goddess Challenge – Create a goddess outfit that represents something about you. They had a few secret objects that had to be included in the outfit.
I know there are a lot of really creative people out there. Please come play outside the box and have some fun with me! Any brainstorming ideas, even if they sound crazy and half baked, are welcome. You never know what might come together.


Alyson said...

One idea: Create a signature art card/trading card that they can trade with the others in the class (so they will need to make enough for each member in the class). They could use surface design or patchwork or something like that, but they all have to involve some sewing.

I have another idea formulating...

Regina said...

"shirt off my back" - design something from teeshirts or mens dress shirts??

beaquilter said...

what about something for a pet?
an ipad/pod holder pouch thingy.
what about giving them all the same fabrics to create something, it can be small or large but has to use SOME of that fabric.
a stuffed animal of some sort, I love the stuffed owls I make, from a pattern, but they can sketch something and come up with it. almost like a small funky pillow.
what about making something for a friend/ family member or someone who's in need.
or a group project, one block or two each....

Carol said...

Oh, I'm liking lots of these ideas. Keep them coming.

Maybe we could combine the shirt idea with the stuffed animal idea. Hmmm.

I like the trading card idea too. Maybe give it a twist by drawing a letter from a hat then creating around the letter. "B" could have blue fabric or buttons or novelty ball fabric in the design. Hmmmm.

Annie said...

I'm assuming all last year's students were all girls, since you had the Goddess challenge. Will there be any boys this year?

Girls or boys could make a water bottle carrier with an adjustable strap. The bottles should not be the disposable ones you get when you buy water at the store. They should each have a personal sturdy water bottle which can be refilled with tap water.