Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sew What?!

This has been a week of sewing room randomness.

4 stockings completed for the Stocking For Kids program.

I hope you come join the fun.

Stockings for Kids

2 country patchwork stockings found in the UFO bucket. Haven’t decided what to do with those yet. Do you think that teens might like them? Or are they too grown up-ish?

I found some snowmen hidden in my stash bucket and threw them together to make a little sofa quilt. Wonky borders, but hey, another UFO gone…

What will I do when all my UFO’s are gone? Is that possible? Has anyone actually accomplished that? Inquiring minds need to know!

The checked border on my chicken quilt was giving me a headache so it’s been toned down. Once all the little black eyes are put on I think it will be busy enough.

My favorite machine is on the fritz again so quilting will have to wait a week or so. Darn, I was so close to finishing this too. I hope it doesn’t end up back in the UFO bucket….

Since I was digging in the tote of Holiday fabrics I pulled some more unwanted stash to make blankets for the SPCA. I cut some but didn’t get too far last night.

That's Folks....for now...


Marci Girl said...

All those stockings are AWESOME! So nice of you to make so many to donate! My mom made a chicken quilt like that years ago, such a cute pattern and quilt!

Lynne said...

The stockings are cute and the snowman quilt is such fun!

AAnnieC said...

I LOVE the chicken quilt!!! How did you come up with it

Carol said...

The chickens are a pattern called "The Early Bird" by Faye Anderson ©1982. I just changed the borders to fit my needs.