Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Scares That Care Raffle Quilts

I was recently asked  to create a raffle quilt for the Scares That Care Organization for their fund raising convention in August….Of course I couldn’t make just one for such a great cause!!!

Project #1 is Spooktacular…no really that’s the quilts nameSmile

Fabrics were graciously donated by Island Batik and the pumpkin carving template was donated by Zombie Pumpkins.

been slimed

… and the finished quilt

spooktacular 2018

Project #2 is called It’s Alive! This is my second version of this pattern.

Pumpkin carving template was graciously donated by Zombie Pumpkins and the fabrics were a stash buster for me.

it's alive

You may need to back up and squint to get the full effect. It’s definitely NOT your grandmother’s scrap quilt. LOL

It's alive version 2 for scares that care 2018

Be sure to join the Scares That Care fun in August.

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Marti said...

Great job on those! How did you use the templates? I really like the Frankenstein.