Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fur-rever Homes Needed

Furry Friday

The Island Batik Ambassadors have been posting Furry Fridays to help feature animals all over the country that need a fur-ever home. The Petfinder website helps you locate the purr-fect pet by allowing you to search by location, age, gender, and type of animal.

In the spotlight this week we have…



Nine-week-old fluffball Tucker might not hear perfectly, and his head tilts to the side on occasion, but we think that only makes him cuter. This happy, cuddly guy is available at Wine Country Animal Lovers in Calistoga, CA.



At 25 lbs., there's lots to love about Penny -- literally! This sweet tabby girl has peacefully coexisted with both cats and dogs, and now she's waiting for her very own human diet buddy at Animal Haven in New York City.

If you can’t adopt a pet you can still help by joining The TQPM Small Kennel Quilt Team which is a volunteer organization sponsored by The Quilt Pattern Magazine that sews small kennel quilts to help animals when disasters strike. A great cause and a great way to use up those scrap piles.

You can learn more about donating kennel quilts HERE.

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