Friday, October 16, 2015

Fun Tip Friday

Don’t be afraid to play with color when designing your quilt. Different color concentrations will highlight the other fabrics in different ways. Just look at the difference one color change can make.

The cheddar squares really jump forward highlighting the cream fabrics. In the second quilt the tomato color squares pulled the darker fabrics forward and draw your eye to all the little red flowers. They just pop in the second quilt.

picking quilt colors♥Thank you♥ Bev for letting us play with your quilt top

When shopping try stacking all your fabrics next to each other and step back. Look at what colors and design elements stand out to you and which don’t. Is there a particular element that you want to highlight? Use more of that color to pull it forward.

Give it the squint test. Squinting and looking at the stack of fabric will blurr everything a bit and let you focus on the colors. Sounds funny but it really works.

Halloween Haunts Hop started today….

Have great weekend!!!

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beaquilter said...

it's so funny about colors like that, that's why I love my pattern testers and also why I can go back to a different pattern again and again because with different fabrics it looks so different at the end!