Friday, August 14, 2015

Printing on HeatNBond Fusible

funtip full sizeJust when I thought fusible applique was fast and fun….it got even FASTER!!

Did you know that you could put HeatNBond Light through an inkjet printer? They even sell convenient pre-cut sheets to help you. Ooohlala!!


No more tedious tracing. In no time flat I had perfect pieces printed and labeled.

P8060562Bam! Separated and sorted.


Swoosh!! Ironed and ready to cut.


Zippity Doo Dah!!! Ready to add to my block.

Fast, perfect, and best of all NO TRACING involved. Woot!


You know me… I always have to “play”. I tried cutting my own sheets from a bolt of HeatNBond. It worked but it was a little trickier because the sheets don’t always stay flat in the printer bed after being wrapped around the bolt. Be careful as you don’t want them to jam in the printer.

Grab some and give it a try!

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