Friday, June 12, 2015

Teach an Old Dog….

Well, it’s never too late to learn a new trick ~ right…

I’ve always been a fan of single layer, tight bindings. There’s nothing ickier to me than when the binding is too wide and flimsy on the back of the quilt. BUT….A few months ago a friend from my sewing bee showed me a new binding technique and now I’m HOOKED!

1. Cut your binding strips 2 1/2” wide, sew them all together, and press them in half like you would normally do.

2. Next trim the quilt leaving a 1/4” of batting and backing around the edges.

bind (2)

3. Place the edge of the binding strip along the front edge of the quilt and attach using a 1/4” seam. Don’t worry about the batting that’s sticking out just yet.

bind (3)

4. Go around and notch out the extra batting at the corners of the quilt. You don’t want that extra mess in your mitered corners.

bind (6)

5. When you bring the binding around to the back of the quilt that 1/4” of batting/backing will roll over and fill your binding. Look at that wonderful, firm binding ~ I LOVE it!

Front view


That extra bit of filler also helps the binding land at the right spot just below the stitching line on the back of the quilt. Perfecto! No more extra flappy binding on the back.

Back view
fabric lifted so you can see the seam line


Sorry about all the fuzzies. I tried the Warm and Plush batting and it left lint fuzzies EVERYWHERE.

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