Friday, May 8, 2015

Fun Tip Friday

Ever fret about how to throw away those used rotary blades? Especially on retreat weekends. You never know what unsuspecting person is taking care of clean up after you’re gone.

I save the packaging containers and mark them as “used”. Those nice plastic boxes pins come in work well too. Then I just add my old blades until it’s full. That way when they hit the trash they are in a sealed plastic container. It’s small and easy to toss in to your travel bag for retreats.

photo 2

Have a fun weekend!!


beaquilter said...

I do that too but just bought the true cut blade sharpener, haven't tried it yet, but will soon!

trudie said...

Another option, which I always use, is I send him my old blades and get either new or resharpened ones for a small fee. It sure beats throwing them out. It would be nice to just send him the old blades and maybe donate to someone who can't afford to purchase them, but I'm not sure if he offers that. Good luck!