Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Do You Massdrop?

Have you seen Massdrop? Do you participate?

In short, it’s a website that brings individuals together in order to get a group discount. You can find some really great deals under quilting supplies if you move quickly. As more members join a drop the price of the item gets lower. They offer polls so you can vote on items you want to see offered.

Today’s great deals included Shmetz needles, Wonder Clips, batting, and thread. Hop over to Massdrop and give it a look.

Have a fun day!!!

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Kathy E. said...

Hi Carol! I recently joined Massdrop and received my first order last week. I bought a rotating cutting mat and am so pleased with it! One of the great things, too, is that shipping is free! They have lots of terrific deals.