Monday, February 2, 2015

Sewing Class for Kids

I had to create a kid’s sewing class called Beyond Basics for those that have already taken the Learn to Sew class. They’re going to learn applique and button holes by making a pillow cover. They’re going to use the “doodle” edge finish on the letter. Three times around will give us practice with stitching curves and if they sew a little wonky it won’t matter.


I think the button holes need to be a little closer to the middle though.


Then they’re going to practice more control, learn about pinking sheers, sewing with zigzag stitches, and maybe using a walking foot by making my favorite little basket in fun spring colors. They may even get a little surprise bag of candy to put in it.


And of course they’ll cover zippers, using a zipper foot, and surface thread designs on a little pencil case. I haven’t decided whether to use batting or iron on interfacing for this. I’m leaning towards the iron on interfacing.


What do you think??? Sound like fun for 8-15 year olds?


Teri said...

I think a pencil case is something very practical along with a pillow or pillowcase. Girls love to make these kinds of projects.

Lynne said...

Interestingly enough, I decided for my first class this year (we have summer break during January) that I would learn to make a zipper pouch! It's been many years since I sewed my own cloths and zippers aren't really all that hard (as far as I remember)! I got half a zipper sewn in three hours -- our first class together after six weeks off is more talk than sew! Getting the teacher's attention os difficult when everyone wants her at once and particularly because we are all working on different projects!