Monday, January 5, 2015

Steam a Seam is back

If you haven’t already noticed Steam-A-Seam is back and improved. I finally got around to using some of the Steam-A-Seam-Light 2 and WOW have I missed this stuff.

I’m not really finding the new grid lines helpful for what I do….but you might. They are just a little too dark and get in the way of tracing bitty pieces. I hope they decide to lighten them some in the future.


Since I’m on the topic of fusibles I can finally show all the gift totes I worked on in December. These were made from Dazzling Dog and Kitty City blocks…again. I never get tired of making these blocks. They’re just so much fun.



Hope you’ve had a busy start to the new year!!!!


Michele said...

I saw the SAS somewhere and though "a lot of people will be happy about that". Love the bags btw.

Lynne said...

Love the totes. So fun!