Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sewing Room Tour

I was cleaning up my messy sewing room and got to thinking that I never gave a tour of the organizing madness I did back in the fall. After numerous changes I’ve finally found a set up that I really love.

My current work station is a cube. It holds two machines and a handy little cutting mat. All the embroidery related items are in a cubby under the brown table. The design wall is to the right just out of view.


Thread and machine parts have all been organized in little drawers that are just a chair spin away. Yup that’s a prehistoric boom box with CD’s in the fabric basket. Hahaha.

Pantos are in the Route 11 chip tins so they don’t get crushed. Have you ever tried Route 11 chips? YUM!!


A view in the other direction. I still need a cute little wall shelf for my growing pincushion collection.


The quilting machine runs down the wall opposite my sewing station. I might add some more cubbies along that wall since we got heavy duty caster wheels at Home Depot so I can move the frame around as needed.


But the BEST changes were done in the closet. Do you have split closet shelves like these? They are such a waste of space when it comes to storage so I added a 9 unit cubby from Target in there.


Now look at the stuff that fits! Works in progress are in snap totes with a notecard tucked so I can see it through the box. Can you tell I don’t like to do the actual quilting part of quilting??? Look at all those tops. Shameful! Gah!


Center shelf holds all my bitty scraps sorted by color, themed snap totes of notions, and bags hung using Command Strips.


Another cubby unit was added to the opposite wall. Buttons were sorted in jars by color. Fabric yardage is sorted by color in the floor totes on both sides.


That’s it. This is where all the nuttiness happens every day!

Does anyone craft with selvages? That bin is getting full and needs a home.


lefuntz said...

I admit I'm a little jealous of you wonderful sewing space. Mine is in my living room so I spend way too much time setting up and taking down. It is difficult to stay organized with supplies stuffed in a closet.I recently got a book called Save the Selvages by Sandy Thompson but I sew mostly with batiks so I haven't saved enough to do any of the cute project yet.

Mrs.Pickles said...

wow looks great!

beaquilter said...

looks great! and nooooo I don't need to save any more scraps from selvages.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a great place to work on sewing projects!

Michele said...

You have a ton crammed into your space. Wow. And that big machine looks a bit familiar. :)Not like the quilting part? Hmmmm. I thought that is why you bought that giant thing, to get those finally done?