Friday, January 2, 2015

Food for Thought…

I’ve had the photos from Pike Place Market hanging on my inspiration board for a while now. Remember these? They are so yummy and colorful.

Public Market (30)

As you know I LOVE food fabrics.This weekend I got to looking at my food fabric stash collection. Santa gave me some new fabrics and they won’t fit in the tote. It’s bursting at the seams.

I’m suddenly hit with a dilemma. I buy fabrics to make quilts. I really want another fun food quilt but it’s soooo hard to cut in to those fabrics. My collection will dwindle. GAH!


While deep in thought on this issue I stumbled on to a pattern called Locally Grown by Enchanted Valley Arts. Is this perfect or what?!?!


Sooo, here are the fabrics I’m planning to take to retreat weekend with me. PC310253

Hmm, it’s going to be HARD to cut in to them. Wish me luck!


Barbara said...

I did it and so can you. My food fabric bin was also overflowing. I made a Turning Twenty top a couple of months ago. Kept calling it a 20/20 quilt so pulled 20 more fabrics for the back. Haven't made the back yet, though, because it's Bonnie Hunter season.

After reading your entry I went and bought the pattern you showed. I think I'd seen it before but hadn't pulled the trigger on it.

Stash Overflow

Rebecca said...

Love the Pattern!!!
Its perfect. I think I have enough Pepper Fabrics to make it. Gotta go do some digging!

Rebecca said...

Me again! Just checked out the pattern site and gotta tell you I am loving the "goody Basket" pattern. If I start now I think I can have enough made up for the once a year Birthday party for our quilt group.

Lynne said...

Have a wonderful tome at the retreat and enjoy the cutting!

Michele said...

Oh but I think you will really love having a great quilt to cuddle with instead of just some cherished fabrics to look at. You can do it, you can do it!