Thursday, December 4, 2014

Snow Quilt Along Correction

I have been enlightened and corrected. Scientifically snowflakes have 6
branches not 8. A snowflake starts as a hexagonal prism. Who knew?
Obviously not me!

correct flake icon
So, I’ve replaced my 8 branch snowflake with a 6 branch template for
those that want to be correct. Craftsy will send out a notice within the next 24 hours for you to download the updated file. Unfortunately the snowflakes for my quilt are already made and I’m not making them again.

As always…I’m open to any comments or suggestions that you may

If you want to learn more about snowflakes visit It’s a very cool website….no pun intended!


beaquilter said...

phew! good thing I'm behind then..... got the notice. much easier but I thought the 6 vs 8 branches was a personal preference

Rebecca said...

Well no two snow flakes are ever alike and maybe they started to melt!

Calicojoan said...

I saw the update from Craftsy, but mine are done too. More is better anyway right??? LOL!!

Patricia Rosas said...

I didn´t received the link to download the updated file. How can I get it? Thank you