Monday, November 10, 2014

Blue Line Eraser Product Test and a Give Away

Blue Line Eraser was one of the items I picked up at the Houston Quilt Show. It says it erases marks made by blue fabric markers and they won’t come back. Well, you all know me…I have to play.

blue line product

So today I gave it a test run. I was very impressed but see the results for yourself…..

I drew blue lines using two markers I had on hand and the one that came with the Blue Line Eraser kit on unwashed Kona cotton.


I ironed the top group with a hot iron and left the bottom group alone (just because I could be abusive).

The top line in each group was erased by dabbing with water and the bottom line in each group was erased using the Blue Line Eraser Pen.

Note: It took more water than Blue Line Eraser product to remove the lines. Especially in the ironed area.


Now for the real test…I pressed the entire piece of fabric again (just to be abusive)

Gah!! See that!! The blue lines came back in the water erased rows. Nothing came back on the rows erased with the Blue Line Eraser product.


Next I tried stitching through some batting. This time I used running water to erase the top line and patted it dry with a towel. The bottom line was erased using the Blue Line Eraser spray bottle.

Note: I have to say I like the control of the Blue Line Eraser Pen better than the spray bottle.


Again I pressed the wet fabric using a hot iron (just to be abusive). This is what I got…blue lines returning in the water erased area again!! And they’ve drifted from their original location!!

Note: It took three rinse cycles until the water erased marker no longer came back.


I ♥ this stuff! I won’t be afraid to mark on my quilts any more.

As with all products be sure to test it on your fabrics before using it on your quilt.


Give Away

The owner of Blue Line Eraser product is generously giving away a 3 piece set to one lucky person.

(Blue Line Eraser product, eraser pen, and blue marking pen)


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3. Drawing will be on Monday, November 17th.

4.Product will ship directly from Blue Line Eraser Company to the winner.


Happy Quilting and Crafting!


suzanne, dutchess county NY said...

I'd. Love to try that. I have not had luck with a few markers, the silver marking pencils too.
Nice you'd host the giveaway

Teresa Rawson said...

Thanks for running the thorough test...very interesting. Thank you for hosting the would be fun to try the products. I am so paranoid about chemical products on heirloom quilts!

Anita said...

Thanks for doing the testing! It was very thorough and helpful!

Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing your results. That's a comprehensive testing process! I've had blue pen come back on my work -- not a pretty sight! I wonder how often it's happened after I've given things away or for donation?

Kristen Willard said...

I've been longarming for 15 years and have always been afraid to use a blue marker. Thanks for doing all the abusive things; those are the things that end up happening anyway!

Karen said...

I do a lot of embroidery and this will be great for marking items. I am also new to quilting so this would be a double duty item for me.

beaquilter said...

what's in it? vinegar or something secret?

Andrea York said...

Thanks for thoroughly testing this out. It looks like a wonderful aid for quilters!

Janie said...

Thanks for sharing the test.

Gayle said...

Awesome, thanks for sharing.

LJ said...

Great idea and sounds like it's a great product.

LJ said...

Great idea and sounds like it's a great product.

LJ said...

Great idea and sounds like it's a great product.

LJ said...

Lately, some of my comments don't show up. I'm enabling e-mail follow-up below hoping that will help.

LJ said...

I'm adding a pic to a Pinterest board so that I can remember the product and where to find your review.

Michele said...

Oh wow. This is great info and thank you for doing the test. I haven't tried anything other than using my trust air erase markers but obviously when marking a quilt I need something that doesn't disappear before I'm done.

LJ said...

I am going to try this product; sounds terrific.

Cheryl Bush said...

Very neat product. I never get to my projects quick enough to use the air dry disappearing markers anymore, but hate how hard it can be to remove the blue, so this would be really handy.