Monday, November 3, 2014

A Long Week of Fun

Did anyone make it to Houston for the Quilt Market or the Quilt Show? I got to attend my first quilt market and helped with their school house programs last weekend. Then I was back up there this weekend for the quilt show.

PB030197 (2)

I’m sure you’ve probably already seen the entry display. The red and white quilts were stunning as you walked in to the show room. Hung in a large circular formation from the ceiling.


I got a fun surprise as I was wandering the vendor area… The quilts I created for SQangles were hanging in a fabulous corner booth. I didn’t even know they were going to be there.


Sorry my outfit clashes a bit with the booth display but I wasn’t expecting a photo op. LOL.


I picked up several new “toys” to try. Have you used any of these products? I picked up Winline Bamboo batting, Mistyfuse, Blue Line Eraser, and some KAI serrated edge scissors. The vendor area is always soooo much fun because you can touch and play with everything before you buy it.

PB030196 (2)

The show quilts were spectacular. Fabric painting, thread painting, embellishing, crystals, and 3D features. It was like visiting an art gallery. We were told that the Best of Show quilt took 7 years to finish….7 YEARS!?! I don’t think my attention span would last that long!

Be sure to hop over to the International Quilt Association website to see all the show winners from each category HERE or

Seriously FABULOUS quilty eye candy!!!!!


Calicojoan said...

I'm sorry I missed you...but I might have stepped on your toes! Every time I turned around I was stepping on or tripping over someone! LOL!! What a great time it was!

Lynne said...

Wowie! How exciting! Congratulations!

Michele said...

Oh how I wish I had been able to see it all in person. Some day.