Sunday, September 28, 2014

Awesome Quilting Books

Do you do your own quilting? I recently picked up these “used” books from Amazon. They aren’t new but they’re new to me.

Quilt It by Barbara Chainey (ISBN 0 7153 1220 0) and Quilting Makes the Quilt by Lee Cleland (ISBN 1 56477 075 3)

Both books take a quilt or block then show it finished using a variety of quilting designs. Neither book is a “how to” stitch the design guide but more of a visual comparison of ideas. I feel that Quilt It has a bit more commentary on the design changes but both books are great creative resource for your sewing library.

What design to quilt is always the hardest part of the process for me so having a side by side visual for ideas is just awesome!!


I also picked up Doodle Quilting by Cheryl Malkowski (ISBN 978 1 60705 636 2)

This book is all about “how to” make the designs. It has lots of step by step practice for everything from meandering to feathers. It also covers how to connect designs and travel in and out of spaces. Another must have for your sewing library. 


Hurray for Amazon selling older books!!!!


Michele said...

I actually have all 3 of those myself, the first two it got recently with a bundle I bought off one of the online groups. I just haven't had much time lately to go through them. Glad to know they are worthwhile.

Lynne said...

Those books sound interesting. I do my own quilting, have done since the first quilt, but so far it's all done with my walking foot!