Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Road Trip Day #4-5

Today we headed up to Taos, New Mexico and had a blast white water rafting on the Rio Grande!!! 

rafting 2

We walked out on the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. It was sooo high it made me queezy.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge Hwy 64 Taos NM (10)

And, I finally spotted this little imposter!!!! I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out ever since Linda at Buzzing and Bumbling mention him. He looks like a humming bird and flies around the flowers like a humming bird but he’s a BUG….a humming bird moth.

humming bird moth 3

humming bird moth 2

Then we “accidentally” on purpose turned the corner and found a quilt shop….shocked face. He never saw it coming. LOL. They had some fun Dia De Los Muertos fabrics. Which put me in the mood to make some sugar skulls.


A free Sugar Skull wall hanging will be up tomorrow.

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