Monday, August 18, 2014

Road Trip Day #3

Day #3 was another walk until your legs give out day. We hiked Bandelier National Monument which was home to the Ancestral Pueblo people. The rock formations were so cool. All of what you see was formed by eruptions of the Jemez Volcano. Breath taking isn’t it?

Here you can see a sample of how the earliest cliff dwelling structures would have been attached to canyon walls.

Bandelier National Monument NM (25)

On the lower right, just past the rocks, you can see remnants of a pueblo village on the bottom of Frijoles Canyon. This dates to the mid 1200’s.

Bandelier National Monument NM (34)

Click on the photo to see a larger version. Do you see the little people climbing the wooden ladders? Yup, we did it! It was a 140 foot vertical ascent to the ceremonial alcove by wooden ladders. Coming back down was soooo scary. You had to back in to the cliff and ladders. GAH!

Bandelier National Monument NM (4)

On the way back to town I got my first view of the Rio Grande River from the White Rock Scenic Overlook. With a name like Rio Grande I was expecting something bigger. But again, the views did not disappoint!!!
 White Rock Overlook Park NM (3)

If you LOVE art Santa Fe is the place to visit. In the evening we walked Canyon Road. It’s one mile of back to back art galleries. Of course the Selby Fleetwood Gallery was my favorite. There were sculptures by Kevin Box that looked like paper and folded origami. Totally fun!

rock paper scissors by Kevin Box
cast stainless steel and bronze

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