Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Rainbows Rainbows Everywhere

Saturday was a beautiful day so we decided to take a little drive around town. Spring is here! There are amazing rainbows of little wild flowers blooming all over the edges of the roads. Aren’t the colors wonderful!!!

wild flowers (17)

Of course I probably looked like a nut crawling around the side of the road snapping close up photos of the weeds wild flowers.

But how could you NOT stop and take the time to enjoy all this beauty.

wild flowers (26)

Ooops, didn’t see that busy little hitch hiker.

Hope you take time to marvel at mother nature’s little miracles!


Lynne said...

Beautiful. Thanks for taking the time to photograph and share!

Mish said...

Gorgeous! Look at you.. taking some nice macro shots!

Michele said...

Lovely pictures and I'm so jealous. There is nothing like that showing up here yet.