Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ever Wonder….

How do you view a rain cloud? Did you ever stop to think about it? I spend lots of time thinking on the back porch in my Cracker Barrel rocking chair. LOL.

photo (1)Side note: Amazing how may homes have been built in the last couple of months. My wide open view is filling in….

When I lived in Virginia it meant just another annoying rainy day was ahead. The dread of getting wet while running errands. Ick!

Now that I’m living in southern Texas it’s a happy, welcome sight for a very hot, dry summer. The cows on the neighboring farms seemed to revel in the cloudy, cool, wet time they were given. They got a break from trying to squeeze the entire herd under one skinny little shade tree in the middle of the field. Each cow finding cover in the shade created by the pervious cow’s shadow.


Beautiful ending to another day. This is what I love most about living here. It’s so flat and open. I’ve seen more amazing sun rises and sun sets in the last year than I did in my entire….well….long time….Did you think I was actually going to spill the beans on my age. LOL.

Have a Wonderful Day Everyone!


Lynne said...

No, I didn't think you would spill the beans. I just thought you'd st "my whole life"! LOL

Beautiful photos, I love the first one with the clouds gathering.

Linda said...

I love the one with the rainclouds in the distance! What an amazing photo!!1