Saturday, September 28, 2013

Charity Quilts

Here are two more charity quilts made from our quilt guild’s Puzzle Bags of Scraps. In case you are new here, these are bags of random scraps and the puzzle is to turn them in to a quilt for charity.

Puzzle Bag #1

I spotted the food fabrics peeking out and just had to have it. The chickens floating around on wire is a little disturbing. I dislike chickens.

YOU KNOW ME…once I opened my food fabric bin I couldn’t stop playing. LOL. I decided to fussy cut the chickens in to their own little cages. Oh, and I cheated a little and moved that black and white check fabric to another bag.

Have you noticed all the great food fabrics that are out now?!

finished size 40 X 45 inches

Puzzle Bag #2

This bag had lots of weird  bitty scraps in it. I used that paisley yardage as the backing.

My brain wasn’t in the mood for measuring and calculating today so I just did random improv blocks. I gave up after three rows and added the white strips to finish it.

finished size 34  x 42 inches


Hope you do something fun this weekend!!!


Michele said...

Very nice.

Lynne said...

Hey, Carol, I love watching what you do with those Puzzle Bags. I have a half-full tub of little zip-lock bags containing combinations of scraps and next year, when "The Year of the Finished Project" is over, I'm going to follow your lead and do something with those bags! Please can you tell me approximately how much fabric is in each of your bags? The ones I have don't contain enough to make even a small quilt, I may have to combine some of them (though making up my own puzzle bags won't be nearly as exciting as having someone else do it!) thanks for the continuing inspiration!

Carol said...

Our puzzle bags are REALLY random. Sometimes there's only a few scraps worth of fabric and sometimes there's enough to finish the quilt. They stuff random pieces that they "think" work together in the bags.....but sometimes it's a stretch as you've seen:)
Our guild likes the quilts to be approximately 36x40 for the children's home but I just go with the flow and the size is where ever I end up.

If you really want to have fun give your tub of scraps to a friend or family member. Give them a few rules and then let them make your puzzle bags for you. That way you will truely have a blank slate when you pick up a bag to work on and your creativity can flow.

Hope that helps.Looking forward to what you come up with!