Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lots of Sewing Going On…

 I almost had a brain fart and spent today cleaning the house. Good thing I stopped myself in time and hid in the sewing room instead. I’ve been spending sooo much time getting my summer sewing program together that I haven’t had time to actually sew.

Remember this bag of mess?

Well, I have the center maze done so far. Hopefully I’ll get the mouse, cheese and border on tomorrow. I decided to go with a plywood print border so it looks like a box.


Today I finished 4 more charity quilt tops using guild scrap bags.

This was second star center from a few months back. I just added the borders.


This was a bag of finished blocks. They were really wonky so I had to square them up the best I could and add the border.


These were pre-cut tumblers blocks. Now that I look at the photo I’m not happy with the blue border. I might switch that out.



Sewing On and On and On…


Darcy Phillips said...

Carol, I love seeing your challenge quilts and your new mouse maze is A-Maze-Ing! I'm looking forward to your finished quilt and hope you share the pattern with us. Thanks! Darcy ;o)

Lynne said...

My, such lovely projects happening in your hiding place!