Saturday, February 2, 2013

A Cloth Book for a Book

A couple of months ago I picked up another book from our quilt guild’s book with a quilt program. It’s called A Book for Black-Eyed Susan by Judy Young. Schools can borrow the books and matching quilts to use as part of their reading programs.


It’s a lovely story about a young girl named Cora who is traveling the Oregon Trail with her family. Her baby sister is born along the way. Cora decides to stitch her baby sister a picture book of all the things they see while traveling the Oregon Trail so she will know of their travels when she is older. Although the book is a fictional story it is based on real events that happened to people traveling west.

Instead of a quilt, I’m made a cloth book like Cora makes in the story. Here are a couple of pages.


This block will be the back cover of my book. It’s called On the Oregon Trail. It’s a traditional block that I found at The website is a wonderful library packed full of quilt blocks.


Sewing Along….

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Lynne said...

Wonderful! Love your blocks! That last one is a stunning block.