Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Puzzle Quilt #3

The Puzzle Bag scrap bags I grabbed this month have been quite the mental challenge so far. Thank goodness this one was much easier to work with.

In case you don’t know….puzzle bags are bags of random scraps and orphan blocks that our guild gives away. The puzzle is to make a quilt using those mismatched items that will be given to the local children’s home.

In the bag…

All of the fabrics seemed to coordinate with a theme plus black and white go with everything easily.  

IMG_338341 x 44 inches

Red is always a fun happy color and made the black and white pop nicely. I turned a couple of the jars on their side and appliqued a few busy little bugs for visual fun. I didn’t want it to be too static and boring since it was for a child.



Happy Crafting!


Lynne said...

Another brilliant --and fun -- solution. You certainly made me smile!

Anita said...

Very cute! Love the little caterpillar :)

Darcy Phillips said...

very creative! I love it ;o)