Friday, December 21, 2012

Not Doomsday Here……

Just look at this beautiful Texas sunrise. What an amazing start to a wonderful new day!!

Today is cookie baking day. What are you up to?


Taken from my back porch


TroubleT said...

I've had the house to myself this morning which is highly unusual but I'm not complaining. This afternoon, I'm making pj pants for me and the kids.

On another note, I'm signing up for the next mini art quilt swap. I might be poking you for advice when I get stuck on a step. ;)

Lynne said...

On Friday I finished my Christmas wall-hanging and wrote a blog post for today!

Today I might sew the binding on my niece's baby quilt unless WM wants to go shopping or DD calls me to go to a Christmas festival with her!

And watch my post next Thursday 2th, it will be linking to your blog!