Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Visitor Was Spotted…


What! Hey! Bird! You can’t live up there.


I’m going to eat you.


Whatever! Dogs don’t fly and neither do pigs for that matter. I’m happy to sit here spinning around on this ceiling fan all day long.


I might not fly but you underestimate my doggie super powers. I can sit here all day and will you to float down with my unflinching laser puppy stare.

Note: Only one ear goes up because she is only half German Shepherd. LOL

IMG_2551Silly story aside, there is a happy ending. We were glad the dove was hiding on our porch as it was dove hunting season here and we didn’t want it to get caught by somebody. After living on my fan for several weeks she is now safe and living with the caged birds at our neighbors house. They have several large outdoor cages with birds so she is well fed and has friends. Hopefully they will be able to find her owner using the information on her leg band.


Lynne said...

Oooooooo! Dove hunting season! Yuk! I'm so glad we don't have that!

We have a dove/pigeon nesting in the archway which is the entrance to our rose garden. The eggs have hatched so she's not on the nest much anymore. I don't think the cat has even noticed!

JOY @ said...

A funny story with great pictures and a sad ending. You'd think hunters wouldn't shoot a white dove? enJOYed your photo story.