Sunday, November 25, 2012

More Stash Bee Blocks

While hubby is away I will sew all day!

I just finished two extra blocks for hive #2 of the stash bee. I’m really in hive #4 but it was too much fun to pass up. She requested a self portrait and one of your favorite pet.

That’s me. I’m always sporting a pair of funky colored drug store “granny” glasses on my head. Sometimes I even rock a pair of “granny” glasses and my sun glasses on my head at the same time. Sometimes I can’t find my glasses anywhere and they are already on my head. Hahaha.

This is Moka. I tell everyone that she can only put one ear up because she is only half German Shephard.

See, I kid you not….

Have a Great Monday Everyone!


Lynne said...

Lovely blocks! Well done you!

cuchiflitina said...

It's so cute!! Moka is very beautiful congratulations