Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Book and A Quilt

This month I decided to try something different. Our guild has members design quilts that go along with books that have a quilt somewhere in the story. These quilt/book sets are loaned to schools as part of their reading program during the year.

So I picked up The Friendship Quilt by Susan Levin and Gloria Tracy. It’s a “show me how” set with a story book and learn to quilt booklet. How fun is that!

The story is about a classmate that needs surgery and will miss a lot of school. The class decides to make her a friendship quilt to let her know how much they are thinking of her. By the end of the book even reluctant Charlie learns that boys can have fun sewing. I LOVE it!


So, I started drawing applique doodles with my EQ7 and came up with this layout.

friendship quilt

Here my design wall progress so far….almost done…..


I added trim, buttons and lace to give them more to touch while passing the quilt around. I put an alien in the ship and turned the heart in to a box of chocolates.



Happy Sewing!

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Lynne said...

Whata great idea, and a lovely design you've made!