Monday, October 15, 2012

Opinions Needed…

Thank you all for your input. It was greatly appreciated!

So, I played a little more with the blocks in my EQ7 program and came up with another layout that I really like. It has more interesting borders and still keeps the diamond design that was so appealing.

Then I played with some minor color changes of the outer borders. I’m leaning towards the top two. What do you think?



heart 5

heart 3

heart 2

Happy Crafting !


Mrs.Pickles said...

I really like option one!

Lynne said...

I couldn't really see the differences! Must be going blind in my old age - or scrolling through my iPad too fast! Love the layout and the colours. At first I thought #2 but upon reflection maybe it's a bit too "heavy"!

MrsP said...

Agree with Lynne. Option 1 looks more lighthearted in keeping with the carefree hearts.