Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Power of Color

How much thought do you give to the power of color?

How do you buy a pattern? Are you drawn to the color of the quilt on the cover or do you see past the color to the quilt’s design?

Here is a really simple design. Do you see it’s potential? Adding color can give it so many different personalities.


Here it is made with a bright contrasting against black.

oct 2011 (2) - CopyCrisp and Bold

Here is the same pattern done in soft pastels (left), brights (middle) and two medium colors with little contrast (right).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Playful and Fun

Here the same pattern is done in a rainbow of colored scraps kept under control by white. IMG_2171Clean and Colorful

Free tutorial on the quilt pattern page

It’s amazing how color can make one simple design look and feel so different!

I hope you take time to ponder the color wheel on your next project.


Happy sewing and crafting!


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Lynne said...

I think a lot about colour and absolutely love brights, jewels and even clear pastels. I'm not really fond of the muted or muddy colours. My favourite of all the quilts you showed is definitely your rainbow quilt!